unelte de securitate gratuite sau promotionale

soluții proactive de securitate pentru site-ul tău!

cWatch Basic cWatch Pro - 30 zile gratuit
Price 0.00 lei 0.00 lei Monthly
unelte de securitate gratuite sau promotionale
Scanare malware - 4/zi
Scanare vulnerabilități - 4/zi
CDN yes da
Protecție DDoS - da
Web Firewall - da
Curățare malware - fără limită
Reparare vulnerabilități - fără limită
Verificare reputație - continuu
Ștergere din blackist-uri - da
Asistență tehnică - 24x7
- -
Description cWatch Web Basic is a free, entry-level version of cWatch Web that allows you to test-drive the platform and fix one malware-infected website. With this light version, you'll also be able to tap into Comodo's Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance your website's performance and page load speeds.
With cWatch Web Basic, overall protection is extremely limited because you do not get to leverage the robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block threats or benefit from any of Comodo's artificial security intelligence collecting data from 85M end-points & 100M domains (SIEM) which continually identifies new threats. It's recommended to at least consider cWatch Web Pro for active website protection.
Try Pro for 30 days at no cost! It's the most-popular SMB website security solution providing the most value at a price point that fits any budget. Get unlimited scanning, automatic & manual malware removal, 24/7 live support, monitoring to keep your site off blacklists, and a CDN to enhance your site's performance and thwart DDoS attack attempts. It will also filter & block known threats with Comodo's mature WAF that's always learning with Comodo's real-time security intelligence engine (SIEM.) View Full Product Details
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